AutoParadigm consists of the most enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, who are certain that they can revolutionize the general perception of e-chargers. 
Zsofia is responsible for business management. She has an international relations MA and experience at a VC, a business angel company and an incubator. She does the tasks related to networking, public appearance and communication.
Gergely is responsible for project management and is in contact with our developers. He has been working for Audi for ten years now and has a degree in mechanical engineering. He is coordinating design and production, he is responsible for defining the main direction of our company. 
Daniel is the one, who deals with production and working together with developers on a daily basis. He and Geri are colleagues at Audi, therefore collegial cooperation is running smoothly between them. Dani has worked for Lufthansa previously, as a project coordinator. 

Zsofia Erdelyi

Business Manager
2+ yrs business management and VC experience at OXO Labs, OXO Ventures, Power Angels, involved in 20+ startup investments.

Gergely Hodosi

Project Manager
5+ years in automobile industry, KOLOSZ Founder, USA, Camp Ass. Dir.

Daniel Rozsai

Creative Project Coordinator
6+ years in Automobile industry Lufthansa Technik Budapest Mittweida College (erasmus)