We are designing an innovative mobile charger which is able to re-charge your vehicle on demand, without needing to stop. Essentially, our innovation is that we can charge your electric vehicle while it is in transit, thus saving you time in terms of waiting for a charging point. This means that you will have the ability to continue traveling without delay – no more lengthy waiting periods at chargers. Our unique technology is called QPC - quick pass charging.

QPC stands for Quick Pass Charging, which means that an electromagnetic bond is created between the e-vehicle that is experiencing power outage and the e-charger. For this bond a certain distance between the two vehicles is needed in order to charge efficiently. 

How does it work?

You are on the highway and you know that you won't have time to stop at a charging station because you have a meeting shortly. What can you do? You can download the AutoParadigm app, type in your actual position and after the closest e-charger is activated on your demand, it will drive up to the highway, find your car and start charging. When you reached the desired level of charging, the e-charger will disconnect and leave at the next exit.


The boom of e-car market has already begun. However it has not yet been followed by the development of e-charging stations. Our solution is to help e-car drivers to contribute to sustainability even more. How? With the use of a charger-on-the-move.

Pain Points

  • e-cars spreading faster than e-chargers
  • demand on wireless, faster charge
  • avoiding long queues at charging stations

Our Solution is for You, if You

  • don’t have the time and nerves to stand in line at an e-charging station
  • want to charge your vehicle without stopping
  • have limited time and long distance ahead
  • want to ease your long-distance travel

Avoiding long queues and increased charging time.
Autoparadigm offers a solution that enables e-car users to charge e-cars while driving.

Our Technology

  • QPC, quick pass charging: quick energy-transfer via induction plates that create an electromagnetic connection between the charger and the vehicle being charged enabling them to move together while charging

Our Advantage

  • Companies on the market either focus on mobility, or charging, but none of them is combining these two elements efficiently.