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Mobile chargers for stationary electric vehicles: how about charging while in transit? Meet AutoParadigm.

During the 2017 TechCrunch Shanghai event, a bold assertion was made regarding electric vehicles: “The biggest obstacle for today’s consumers is the problem of charging”. Yet the speaker, Izzy Zhu, NIO’s Vice-President of User Development, did not limit himself to simply stating a challenge: NIO is proposing solutions.

One of the solutions that NIO has proposed to overcome this obstacle is “a service team that provides a mobile charging vehicle into a complete service system”. What is meant by this is that according to Bloomberg, NIO plans to operate a fleet of over 1,200 “Power Mobile” service vehicles which, when user requires it, travels to the motorist to re-charge the depleted battery of a NIO vehicle. CNN Tech reports that NIO claims that its mobile chargers would be able to give NIO electric vehicles 100 kilometres worth of energy from just a 10 minute charge. Further, according to NIO’s plans, their “Power Mobile” vehicles will be a game changer, as electric vehicles no longer have to travel to a filling station to find a re-charging point. Essentially, their innovation is that thanks to their mobile charger, the charging point comes to you.

We here at AutoParadigm think this is a great solution. However, why not go a step further? The convenience of being able to order a mobile charging point to your location is great, however, your electric vehicle must remain stationary while the mobile charger recharges your battery.

What we are working on goes a step further, as we are designing an innovative mobile charger which is able to re-charge your vehicle on demand, without needing to stop. Essentially, our innovation is that we can charge your electric vehicle while it is in transit, thus saving you time in terms of waiting for a charging point. This means that you will have the ability to continue travelling without delay – no more lengthy waiting periods at chargers. Based on NIO’s plan, it looks like there is a paradigm shift undergoing in the re-charge segment of the electric automotive industry – we here at AutoParadigm are proud to be part of the same wave.

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